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Dansen die zijn uitgelest:


Naam dans en choreograaf: 


- The Countriest   (DJ Dan)

- Down On Your Uppers   (Gary O'Reilly) 

- Somewhere Somehow   (DJ Dan) 

- All God's Children   (Yvonne Anderson) 

- Forget-Me-Not   (Pat Stott) 

- Lonely This Weekend   (April Coady, Suzi Beau & Wil Bos)

- Blue Wing   (DJ Dan) 

- Priorities   (Diana Dawson)

- Lonely Drum   (Darren Mitchel)

- Poison Love   (Hazel Pace)

- Maybe Mexico   (Leen Hage)

- Life's Highway   (Carrie Ann Green)

- Something Tell Me   (DJ Dan)

- Hey Porter   (DJ Dan)

- I Picked The Wrong Night   (John Warnars & Joke Mozes)   Uitgelest door John Warnars zelf!!

- Tropical Depression   (Stephen & Lesley McKenna & Lorna Cairns)

- Friday   (Micaela Svensson Ernlansson)

- Don't Worry   (Leen Hage)

- I Must Be Dreaming   (Vikki Morris)   

- Pack A Suitcase   (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick)

- Cowboy Ride Away (Partnerdans)   (Tonnie Vos) 

- Vivir   (Mawayani)

- Rolling Along   (Diana Dawson)

- Never Happy   (Tonnie Vos)

- Just Let Her Go   (Leen Hage)

- Three Minute Love Affair   (Diana Dawson)

- I Will Be Yours   (DJ Dan) 

- Adios (Partnerdans)   (Terry & Caroline French) 

- Ride With Me   (Daisy Simons)

- Country Race   (Niels Poulsen)

- If You Only Knew   (Daisy Simons) 

- The Music Man   (Sandra Speek & Paul Bailey)

- Yellow Wine   (Connie Martin) 

- What Would You Do?   (Mawayani) 

- Pretty Flower Girl   (Rep Ghazali-Meaney)

- 4 In The Morning   (Norman Gifford)

- You Deserve Better   (John Warnars)

- One Night   (Tonnie Vos)

- Stay All Night   (Jef Camps)

- I'm With You   (Esmeralda v. d. Pol)

- Turn To Me   (Wil Bos )




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